Achieve Sealing Success With Surebond

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Once a new hardscape is complete or an older project has been restored, it’s the perfect time to apply a sealer to protect it. Surebond sealers can offer protection without changing the look of the surface or if desired, a sealer with enhancing technology can be applied. 
There’s a lot to know about sealing hardscapes so we offer a variety of online resources, support, and education. Start learning more by reading our top tips and important considerations for optimal results and sealing success below

Step 1: Selecting The Right Sealer

Surebond offers many types of sealers and each one has different benefits. Understanding your customer’s expectations and goals in sealing the surface will lead you to select the right sealer for the job.

Utilizing the product selection tool on will help lead you to the best sealer options for your project. The Surebond Sealer Selection Guide can also help you select the best option based on desired results.

Step 2: Performing A Pre-Test Evaluation

To ensure final results will meet your customer’s expectations, the selected sealer should be applied to a small, inconspicuous area on the surface or on a similar loose piece of surface material. Next, gain your customer’s approval before full application of the sealer.
To learn the remaining steps for achieving sealing success, read Surebond’s Tips For Sealing Success Technical Bulletin in its entirety online.

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