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Hot power washing of pavers, concrete and natural stone

Hot water is key when cleaning pavers, especially during stain removal.  Hot water power washing breaks down grease and oils from both automotive and food grease from grilling areas. This creates a clean surface that is ready to be resealed and enjoyed for many more years to come.

Resanding of pavers with SEK polymeric sand

Our PolySweep Polymeric Sand and SEK Joint Sand are made using that sand meets the ASTM C144 gradation. It also cleaned and kiln dried so that it will result in beautiful sand joints.  Comes in Black, Platinum, Fieldstone, Tan and Gray

Seal or reseal pavers and concrete after cleaning

Restoring the color and beauty of your hardscape plus protecting it from the damage of sun and weather is essential to maintaining your investment. We complete each concrete & paver cleaning project by professionally sealing your surface. This not only enhances the color, texture, and brightness of your hardscape but it reduces wear and tear. 

Certification and Contractor Training Events

We strongly believe in the importance of training and supporting contractors who are loyal users of SEK-Surebond products. Join other elite hardscape professionals who have gained valuable SEK-Surebond product knowledge and application skills through our Hardscape Restoration Training & Surebond Certification Events and Product Knowledge Seminars.

Hardscape Restoration Training & Surebond Certification Events are an excellent way to learn how to incorporate Hardscape Restoration Services into your business.  We presently offer both a Level 1 and Level 2 Class with most offering ICPI credits.

Level 1 Class:  Basic Hardscape Restoration Training & Surebond Certification

  • Success with Liquid & Dry Joint Stabilization
  • Score a ’10’ in Hardscape Cleaning
  • Sealing Hardscapes Beautifully Every Time
  • Optional Certification Exam

Level 2 Class:  Advanced Hardscape Restoration Training

  • Already attended a basic class?  This is the class for you!  (Not sure? Call for assistance.)
  • The Real Dirt on Tough Stain Removal
  • Successful Sealing:  It’s All in the Details
  • The Business of Hardscape Restoration:  Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales & Record Keeping

We also offer Product Knowledge Seminars hosted by Hardscape Distributors across the U.S.  Learn about some or all of SEK-Surebond’s products at these events, network with others in the industry and gain the opportunity to ask the ‘SEK-Surebond PRO’ product and installation questions.  These events are typically 2 hours in length and many will offer ICPI Continuing Education Credits.

Check back regularly as more events will be added soon.

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