6 Creative Ways to Use Pavers Around Your Home

6 Creative Ways to Use Pavers Around Home

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6 Creative Ways to Use Pavers Around Your Home

Pavers are one of the most versatile materials for outdoor landscaping. Available in a range of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, pavers can be used in countless creative ways around your home.

ways to use pavers Not only are pavers available for great prices, they’re also strong, durable, and incredibly stylish, making them a welcome addition to any outdoor space. Best of all, there is no limit to the different ways that they can be used in your landscaping projects.

Here are 6 creative ways to use pavers around your home:

Paver Pathways

Pavers are fantastic material for creating stylish pathways throughout your home. They can be laid in many creative ways to help connect difference spaces, with many styles and colors to match your outdoor aesthetic.

You can create paver pathways with large or small pavers, connecting them closely for a clean and tidy finish or laying more space between each for a rustic style path.

Poolside Pavers

Instead of boring concrete around your backyard pool, consider adding some pavers for a stylish modern finish. Lining a poolside with thick pavers provides a sleek aesthetic while offering a great surface for chilling by the pool.

Paver Planters 

Who said pavers can only be used for surfaces around your home?

Paver planters are a creative addition to your outdoor space and surprisingly easy to build. You only need four pavers for the sides and one for the base, connecting each using a landscaping adhesive.

Leave for 24 hours to set, then add with your desired plants or flowers. Paver planters are inexpensive and offer a cool industrial aesthetic to the outside of your property.

Paver Fire Pit

A fire pit is a wonderful addition to any property, providing a warm and welcoming spot to enjoy with company. Plus, building a fire pit with pavers is not as difficult as you might think!

Simply dig a hole to the desired size and depth (e.g., a square or circular pit), line the base with gravel and sand, then evenly lay rows of pavers to create a retaining wall. Make sure pavers interlock, then seal with a landscaping adhesive.

Paver Platforms

Building raised platforms with pavers is a creative way to add more height and depth to your outdoor space. These don’t need to be large, raised areas like a patio, but just a small section of raised pavers where you can add planters, flowerpots, and other cool features to the space.

Paver Bench

You can make a simple and stylish garden bench with some trusty pavers!

Start by digging two holes a few inches into the ground. Fill with gravel then stack to sets of pavers, checking they’re level once stacked on the ground. Once level, glue the pavers together with landscaping adhesive, then attach some thick lumber between the stacks to act as your bench seat.

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