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5 Benefits of Using Pavers Instead of Concrete in Your Driveway

5 Benefits of Using Pavers Instead of Concrete in Your Driveway

5 Benefits of Using Pavers Instead of Concrete in Your Driveway

Concrete is one of the most popular materials for a new driveway. Affordable to install while being strong and durable, concrete can withstand the weight of your vehicle as it comes and goes from the driveway.

driveway pavers temecula caHowever, concrete does have plenty of drawbacks, with many people preferring to use pavers for their driveway. Pavers certainly offer many benefits over concrete for a driveway, so it may be the better option depending on your needs!

Let’s take a closer look at 5 benefits of using pavers instead of concrete in your in your driveway:

More Style Options for the Driveway

Unlike concrete, pavers come in various colors, sizes, and materials, allowing you to create a stylish design for your driveway. It’s possible to create a unique finish with a paver driveway, while concrete is mostly limited in its design options.

Yes, you can add colors and finishes to poured concrete, but there are far less options compared to pavers. So, if you want to install a driveway with a certain aesthetic, you’ll have more creative choices when choosing pavers.

Whether it’s natural stone or porcelain pavers, pavers offer far more style options for a driveway!

Pavers are More Attractive

Pavers offer a much more aesthetically appealing appearance for a driveway compared to concrete.

Concrete isn’t the most stylish material for a driveway, typically being preferred for its affordability rather than its appearance. While durable, it doesn’t necessarily look great, providing a lackluster aesthetic for your driveway.

Remember, a driveway plays an important role in the curb appeal of your home. By choosing pavers, you’re likely to add more value to the property!

Pavers are More Durable

Yes, pavers are more durable than concrete!

While concrete is lauded for its strength and durability, it still tends to wear over time, developing cracks and splits.

Concrete is also very porous, so the constant exposure to the elements eventually takes its toll on the driveway surface.

Pavers are incredibly durable, rarely cracking or splitting, even after years of use. The most common issue with pavers is becoming loose, which is quick and easy to fix. Because pavers are stronger than concrete, they’re better at withstand the weight of your vehicle over the long-term.

Pavers Cheaper to Repair

As mentioned above, pavers are generally more durable than concrete. Of course, some pavers can get damaged, so the good news is they’re very easy to repair compared to damaged concrete.

If a paver if split or cracked, then you can simply replace a single paver with minimal hassle.

Damaged concrete usually requires more extensive repairs, such as resurfacing cracked and split areas, so often cost more to fix than pavers.

Pavers are Less Slippery

One overlooked issue with concrete driveways is their tendency to get slippery in certain conditions.

Excessive rain or ice can cause the smooth surface of concrete to become major slipping hazard. Many people injure themselves slipping on their concrete driveway when entering and exciting their vehicle.

Pavers are less of a slipping hazard than concrete. They usually have a much coarser surface than poured concrete, making it less slippery in poor conditions.

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