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5 Ways to Fix Your Concrete When It Starts Looking Worn Out

5 Ways to Fix Your Concrete When It Starts Looking Worn Out

5 Ways to Fix Your Concrete When it Starts Looking Worn Out

Concrete is a popular choice for pathways, driveways, patios, and other hard landscaping features around a property. It’s easy to see why – concrete is cheap, durable, low-maintenance, and incredibly versatile.

However, even the most durable materials eventually start to wear over time. Whether it’s the weather, high foot traffic, or build ups of natural growth like mold and algae, concrete in your outdoor spaces will start to look to worn out!

pressure wash concrete temecula caThankfully, the hardiness of concrete means that not all is lost. Even the most worn out looking concrete can be fixed with the right solutions!

Here are 5 ways to fix your concrete when it starts looking worn out:

Power Wash It

One of the most common reasons concrete surfaces look worn out is due to build ups of dirt and grime. Over the months and years, lots of substances accumulate across concrete, including dirt, grime, mold, moss, and algae.

If left untreated, these substances can seriously ruin the appearance of the concrete, leaving unwanted stains across the surface.

Therefore, it may be worth pressure washing your concrete surfaces with a power washer to remove these build ups. Power washers use high-pressure jets to effectively strip away years of dirt, grime, and growth, leaving concrete looking far less worn.

Seal It

Concrete sealers are a great way to restore their appearance while also providing an added layer of protection.

Sealers protect concrete in various ways, such as blocking out moisture that seeps into gaps, causing cracks and splits to develop. Also, sealers prevent mold and other growth developing inside the concrete’s porous surface.

Furthermore, concrete sealer helps to maintain the surface appearance. Try power washing the concrete then applying a sealer to help the color look less worn!

Contact a Professional Cleaning Company

While power washing and sealing worn concrete is a great idea, not everyone has the tools or ability to do so. Power washers aren’t cheap, while many people struggle to clean and seal large outdoor surface areas – it’s a tiring process after all.

So, in many cases is more convenient and affordable to call in a professional cleaning company! Professional cleaning companies have the latest power washing tools and cleaning equipment to restore and protect your concrete surfaces.

In fact, you may find it’s cheaper to hire a company than buying a power washer to complete the work yourself!

Resurface It

If your concrete has a lot of damage across its surface, then repairs may be necessary. Resurfacing concrete is a good alternative to a full replacement, being much cheaper and easier to complete.

It involves adding a small layer on top of worn concrete, restoring its appearance while improving its strength and durability. You do need a good base for a resurface, so extensively worn concrete may not be fixable with this method.

Replace It

Unfortunately, sometimes your concrete is simply too worn and damaged to be fixed!

If concrete has extensive cracking, crumbling, is uneven, or isn’t draining properly, chances are it’s beyond repaired.

While completely replacing concrete surfaces requires more time, labor, and money, sometimes it’s the only option left!

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